Comprehensive Optometric Services for an Improved Vision


Optometric Services


Comprehensive eye examination

Includes refraction for spectacle lenses, eye health evaluation for ocular disease such as cataracts & glaucoma, and dilated examination of the retina & internal structures of the eye.

Comprehensive eye examination + fitting/evaluation of contact lenses

Evaluations vary depending on the type of CL's- spherical, astigmatic, monovision, multifocal/bifocal, and gas permeable.

Training for insertion and removal of CL's, learning to care for lenses, and follow-up visits are included. Follow-up visits are necessary to assess proper fit and vision with CL's and to finalize the CL prescription.


Office visits for ocular pathology

Evaluation varies depending upon the severity of the ocular problem and the medical resolution needed. Ex. Corneal abrasion, ocular infections, etc.